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We build digitally-native vertical brands (DNVB) for the outdoor industry. All of our brands focus on recurring revenue models to fuel our growth and deliver convenience and un-matched value to our customers.

Postfly Brand

Premium quality flies.

The Wade Rod Co Brand

The best way to buy a rod. Ever.

Pelican Reels Brand

Reels at real people prices.

Guide Hire Brand

Book fishing guides online.

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The Original Monthly Flybox

Postfly was born in a Boston basement out of frustration of being an ‘urban angler’ and having nowhere to go for help, advice, or products. Brick & mortar fly shops are geographically sparse (especially in major metro areas - where 90% of our customers are) and are often intimidating and uninviting to the new angler. What existed online 2013 was terrible - the primo information was fragmented and shopping experiences were awful. So we set out to fix it - and now deliver high-quality flies, fly fishing products and education to a Tribe of more than 25,000 passionate anglers around the world.

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The Best Way to Buy A Rod. Ever.

We launched the Wade Rod Co in the fall of 2017 for one simple reason: the process of buying a fly rod was a pain in the ass. Pushy sales tactics, ridiculous price tags, brands with tremendously douchey attitudes… you get the idea. A new customer was faced with a difficult choice - buy a cheap, low quality rod, or spend 4X your car payment a for high quality stick. We set out to design and build the same high performance rods that the market was used to spending $500+ on, and deliver them to our customers using a convenient subscription model for a fraction of the price, in an unbelievably convenient monthly payment model.

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Quality Reels at Real People Prices

Pelican Reels is the jelly to Wade Rod’s peanut butter. You can be the bread. After a year of testing, refining, and growing Wade Rods, the #1 opportunity we saw was to allow our customers to bundle rods & reels into our already ultra-convenient monthly payment model. We’ve designed Pelican Reels with three things in mind - style, performance, and price. The real winner will be our customer - who will get a $500+ fly reel at a fraction of the price. Pelican takes flight in the fall of 2018.

Where's Your Next Adventure?

We acquired GuideHire in 2017 (our first acquisition!) to give our widely-distributed customer base a way to discover and book fishing guides all over the US. We’re currently rebuilding (?) GuideHire to make it easier to use for consumers, and to offer more options to guides, lodges and fishing professionals to help grow their businesses. Anticipated re-launch Winter 2018.

The Most Interesting Men in the Industry.

The Team

A distinguished group of anglers and adventure-seekers dedicated to the long lost art of hard work.

Brian Runnals Profile Image

Brian Runnals

Founder & El Presidente

Former tech sales, now building the most exciting fishing brands on the planet!

Mach Labinski Profile Image

Mach Labinski

Co-founder / Head of Design

MBA grad with a knack for getting sh*t done.

Greg Hansen Profile Image

Greg Hansen

Lord of Logistics

Wizard of logistics. Master of operational fortitude.

Dan Zaz Profile Image

Dan Zazworksy

Marketing Guru

I fish and I know things. Fishing for new customers on the daily.

Pete Profile Image

Peter Bernaby III

Shop Keep

It's like I have 7000 children. That all get Christmas presents. Every month. Forever.

Lucas Profile Image

Lucas Kaplan

Customer Success Manager

I could talk fishing all day, I'm blessed to have that be my job!

The Intern

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Consultants & Advisors

Company Launch Partners

Company Launch Partners


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Dan Farbach

Marketing & Data Analytics

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Rick Berry


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Allan Tear


Let's work together

Possibly you.

We didn’t get here by accident. The 80 hour weeks weren’t an accident. 2 years on ramen noodle paychecks wasn’t an accident. The refusal to quit when all signs pointed to the exit wasn’t an accident. It’s what was required to get where we are today. We also didn’t go it alone. So many of our family, friends, friends-of-friends and often complete strangers pitched in along the way. Whether it was packing boxes for Postfly, filing trademark paperwork, or stroking a check to ignite our marketing budget, we wouldn’t be here without the help of so many people who believed in us.

Even as we’ve grown, we’ve always recognized that our most valuable asset is YOU. We would be nothing without you, our customer. So now I’m inviting you to join us. Be part of this incredible journey that we’ve started on, and share in the upside. For more information check out our active WeFunder campaign, or reach out to me directly.

Onward & Upward

- Brian

Passionate About Fishing?

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We’re constantly on the hunt for the best brains in marketing, tech, and the outdoors. If you've got a ridiculous work ethic and a mediocre doublehaul, lets talk.

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